Project Overview
This project was created over a 6 week period in response to a pressing need to redefine how Clio markets their company and the people who work there.  The goal of this project was to increase not only the number of applicants but also the quality of applicants.  My roles in this project were research, conceptualization, design, presentation, project management and also telling my own story.  I also worked very closely with the HR team and Clio and the content writer to assist with moulding the vision.
The Story
After our conceptualization meeting, it became evident that a primary theme was growth and lateral movement through the company. We decided to focus on the people who work at Clio and how they have grown in the company.  From there we began gathering stories of growth.  We did need one primary story that was also going to be featured in a video on the careers page.
This project didn't start as a story about me-but that is how it ended up. In addition to creating the page itself I was also asked to be in a video highlighting my own growth journey. So yes-I also act-well kind of.  Check out my own growth story in the video below.
The Deliverables
The deliverables for this project included a fully responsive landing page with a built in integration with Greenhouse to assist with the application tracking process.  As part of the deliverables I went through two rounds of presentation and feedback gathering sessions with the HR team and Product Design team before moving on to development.This was my very first web project so I also worked very closely with the dev team to understand needs and limitations of design.

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