Hello my name is Catherine. I am a Product Design Lead who specializes in offering data based solutions which improve user experience, increase brand awareness, and drive overall growth. In my current role as Head of Product Design I take my combined passion for Product Design and creating great experiences to shape the vision of both the future of design at the company and the vision and goals of the designers on my team. Working at a small company enables me to be very hands on, taking on the roles of both Senior Level Product Designer and management and development duties.
Head of Product Design: Casting Workbook  Present
As head of product design my main focus is shaping the future of the Casting Workbook suite of products. My duties include those of both a senior level product designer and managerial and administrative duties that go along with leading the team and collaborating with other senior staff members to establish the vision for the products Casting Workbook offers. During my time at Casting Workbook I have established and built an end to end design/development process that has been adopted by the entire company and has improved productivity. I have also collaborated with the C-level suite and product teams to launch several new ground breaking products and initiatives in the role of design lead on these projects. As a team lead I continuously develop my team through 1:1's and goal setting and have taken on the role of project manager for the design/development teams; ensuring that projects are scoped, prioritized, and appropriate resources are allocated.
Senior Product Designer: Jostle  Previous 
As the lead on 3 different feature teams I handled the end to end design of new projects and updates to the existing features I managed. This included weekly meetings with my feature teams and sprint planning, research, conceptualization, iteration, usability testing and creating specs for dev hand-offs. I made the tough decision to leave Jostle to take on a leadership role that I was offered at Casting Workbook.
Product Designer: CheckingIn  (2 years) +ongoing mentorship
Worked on building a brand new app in the self-help/wellness space. As the original designer on this concept project my role was to conduct user research, synthesize the data, and create MVP feature lists, along with initial mockups on the project. I am currently working full-time in another role but continue to mentor and give feedback to the contract designer we hired to get the project across the finish line and work with the leadership team to ensure that the designs are inline with the technical requirements and overall visual brand.
Product Designer: REBCA  (9 months)
Worked on building a brand new product in the Property Management space.  As the lead on this project my roles were User Research, UX Design, Feature planning, UI Design and User Testing. Worked with tools such as Sketch, Figma, Lookback, and Invision on daily basis, as well as lead product meeting for feature review and feedback sessions. This was a really excited project. Unfortunately the funding for this project was pulled before it was officially launched.
UI Designer: Eventbase  (1yr)
Planned and executed on conference applications for a variety of clients including Microsoft, HPE, Cisco, Adobe and SXSW.  Involved in the process from concept, to design, to front end UI development. Worked with tools like Sketch, InVision, xCode, and Android Studio on a daily basis.
Visual Designer: The Engine is Red  Ongoing freelance 
Work in an agency style environment conceptualizing and delivering on a variety of projects including look-books, presentations, digital storefronts, and infographics.
Visual Designer: Clio  (4yrs)
Planned and executed on marketing resources such as websites, brochures, ads, and large format print installations to increase awareness and drive growth. This work included everything from day to day design related duties to complex projects such as designing all assets for an entire conference.  In addition to my work as a designer I was also Clio's in-house photographer; shooting company headshots and assets for marketing and internal purposes.
Skills & Expertise
UX/UI Design
UX Research
Visual Design
Leadership and Mentorship
Project Management
Front End Development (HTML, CSS, Java,Objective C)
UX/UI Design  Brainstation 
An intensive program taking a deep dive into UX/UI Design principles in their entirety. This included conducting User Research, Market Research, and using that information to create User Stories, Personas, User Experience Maps, and Information Architecture Maps. Along with this the program covered User-Centric and Material design, Wire-framing, Prototyping, and Usability testing.  From there projects were taken into high-fidelity designs; along with full UI library and Marketing site to accompany them.  The program also included 2 5 day sprints in which you worked in groups to create a fully functional solution to a problem in a week and several UI/UX challenges to build on your skills.
Photography Certificate  Emily Carr University 
Certificate program teaching the art of photography. This included technical skills such as Digital and Black and White Film Photography classes (with dark room developing), along with developing the basis of good art (composition techniques, contemporary art studies, etc), and courses which deliver the business skills needed to market yourself and sell your work. I was able to apply these skills in my personal photography as well as shooting photography to complement my design work for employers.
UX Foundations Certificate  RED Academy
Certificate program delivering the foundations of good UX Design. This includes User Research, User-Centric Design, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Prototyping, and Interface Design. To complete projects we utilized UX Design Tools such as Sketch and InVision. We also used Medium for tracking our progress and creating a story of our journey through the UX Design Process. 
Graphic Communication Technology Diploma  British Columbia Institute of Technology
2 year Diploma program teaching business, graphic design, marketing and printing.  This included access to an onsite print shop which allowed us to print both large and small format projects using digital and offset processes.  For our final project I worked on a team that designed an installation for the side of the building at BCIT to commemorate BCIT's 50th year anniversary.  I also worked with the Broadcast and Media department to create a 50th year reunion book for the program in which my team and I designed and produced the book.
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